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  • Onsen Baths The ryokan boasts no less than 5 different baths
  • Cuisine Meals are prepared with seasonal ingredients
  • Guest Rooms Eight types of rooms to suite your budget and needs

Nishi-no-Miyabi Tokiwa offers convenient access from both Hakata and Miyajima.

Yuda Onsen, where the ryokan is located, is about an hour from Hakata by Shinkansen and JR, and an hour and a half from Miyajima. At the end of Edo period, the ryokan attracted many famous and influential people. The area is deeply connected with the Meiji Restoration.

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There are various sightseeing spots around Yuda Onsen.

Among these is the five-story pagoda of Rurikoji Temple, a national treasure, said by many to be the greatest of Japan's three great pagodas.
Another famous sightseeing spot is Joe-iji Temple Sesshu Garden, created 500 years ago and designated as a Natural Monument of Historic Sites and Places of Scenic Beauty.
You can also enjoy a romantic ride on the steam-powered locomotive SL Yamaguchi from Shin-Yamaguchi Station, through Yuda Onsen and all the way to Tsuwano Station.

sightseeing spots around Yuda Onsen

There are many famous historic sites and places with beautiful scenery in the surrounding area.

Castle towns with long histories, like Hagi and Tsuwano.
The largest limestone karst plateau in Japan, Akiyoshi-dai.
The Atomic Bomb Dome, registered as a World Heritage Site.
Tsunoshima Island, with its white sand beaches and emerald green ocean, is also famous as a filming location.
Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine is a "power spot" thought to be filled with mystical energy! The red of the shrine gates, the blue sea and sky, and the surrounding greenery make for a beautiful sight.
The ryokan is situated right in the midst of many of Japan's most famous sightseeing spots, including Miyajima, one of the so-called Three Beautiful Views of Japan.